US Army M-43 Combat Field Jacket 4th AAF – 34R . UA1246


United States Army M-1943 Combat Field Jacket. US 4th AAF (Army Air Force) shoulder sleeve insignia (patch) on one upper sleeve. Small size tag in inner neck area marked 34R. Also, contract ink stamp below small size tag marked: Jacket, Field, M-1943 with a lot of other additional information. Most likely late 1940s-1950s era. Worn condition.


Additional Notes: The US Army’s M-1943 combat jacket was a combat uniform manufactured in windproof cotton sateen cloth introduced in 1943 to replace a variety of other specialist uniforms and the M-1941 Field Jacket. It was used through the remainder of WW2 and into the Korean War with modifications before being replaced by the OG-107 uniform beginning in 1952. The uniform was tested in Italy in 1943 by the 45th Infantry Division and the 3rd Infantry Division. Along with shipping delays after D-Day kept this uniform from widespread use in Europe until late 1944. Officially designated ‘Jacket, Field, Combat M-1943’, this pattern of jacket was standardized in August 1943. It saw widespread issue with may units throughout the winter of 1944-45 and stayed in issue and production until it was succeeded by the M-1951 Combat Jacket.


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