US Army 1943 M70G Telescope M10 Tank Destroyers – Bell & Howell Co . FLU509


United States Army 1943 Telescope M70G. The M70G telescope sight was used on M10 GMC tank destroyers. Marker marked Bell & Howell Co and dated 1943. Optic okay, however, there are a lot of black specs in the optics. Length approximately 22 1/2 inches.

Additional Notes: The 1943 Telescope M70 series was typically used for the M3 and M4 tanks, mounted alongside the main gun. The M70F was used on M4A3 75W Shermans. The M70G was used on M10 tank destroyers. The M70P was used on some M36 tank destroyers. The M71D was commonly found on M4A1 and M4A2 76 tanks. The M71G was issued with the Jumbo tanks. The M72D was used on the 105mm armed Shermans. The M76F/D was used on the M36 tank destroyers.


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