US Army Tan Tropical Garrison Cap – WW2/Korea – Engineer . HU1096


U.S. Army Garrison Cap. Piping is Red with white for Army Corps of Engineers.  No size marks I could find on this one, appears to be about 10 inches in length. Most likely 1940s-1950s (WW2-Korea) era. Overall decent condition with some minor wear and use.


Additional Notes: For garrison caps, there were two basic styles, the PX (Post Exchange) style and the Issue style.  The PX style has squared ends to the garrison cap.  The PX style caps were typically purchased privately by soldiers and sold in the PX’s, department stores, and tailor shops around the country. This PX style is rectangular in appearance and does not have the pleat in the top as seen in the Issue style caps.  The Issue style cap was issued to all troops by the Quartermaster of the U.S. Army. The Issue style caps have a pleated top and is similar in profile to the cap worn in World War I. The top curves upward from the rear and slopes downward toward the front. Both PX and Issue style caps were widely worn and both are equally correct for display and use.


Service Branch Piping Color:
Air Corps = Ultramarine blue piped with golden orange
Cavalry = Yellow
Chemical Warfare Service = Cobalt blue piped with golden orange
Coast Artillery Corps = Scarlet
Corps of Engineers = Red with white
Field Artillery = Scarlet
Finance Department = Silver Grey piped with golden yellow
Infantry = Blue
Medical Department = Maroon piped with white
Military Police = Yellow piped with green
Ordnance Department = Crimson piped with yellow
Quartermaster Corps = Buff
Signal Corps = Orange piped with white
Tank Destroyer = Blank and Orange
Cavalry = Golden Yellow

Officers Dark Elastique garrison cap piping:
Gold = general officers
Gold and black = other officers
Silver and black = warrant officers.


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