US WW2 Civil Defense Helmet Air Raid Warden . HU1083


U.S. Civil Defense Helmet Air Raid Warden. Property U.S. Govt O.C.D. marked on interior rim. One of the chinstrap bales loose on one side, however, the other side is still on good and not loose. Good overall condition. Most likely 1940s-1950s (ww2-Korea) era. Used and worn condition.


Additional Notes: The Air Raid Warden is to many people the personal representative of Civilian Defense. He is not a policeman and does not have police powers, hut he usually functions as part of the police force and with its help. The Air Raid Warden’s duties include:
(1) Observing lights showing during a blackout and warning occupants of the building
(2) directing persons in the street to shelter
(3) reporting to the control center any fallen bombs
(4) reporting fires to the control center and assisting in lighting incendiary bombs as soon as they fall
(5) detecting and reporting to the control center the presence of gas
(6) administering elementary first aid
(7) assisting victims in damaged buildings.

The Air Raid Warden is chosen carefully. The position of Air Raid Warden may be filled either by a man or woman, provided the person chosen is capable of performing the duties. One of the most important duties is to set an example of controlled activity and cool efficiency under all conditions. Training is given all Air Raid Wardens in gas and fire-bomb defense, first aid, and general organization of air-raid services. The stripes in the insignia of Air Raid Wardens signify “many duties.”


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