US WW2 Victory Medal in Box . YMU4803


United States WW2 Victory medal in box. Stitched ribbon slot broach style pin system. Single pin back ribbon bar also in box. Blue cardboard box of issue. Worn condition.


Additional Notes: The WW2 Victory Medal was first issued as a service ribbon referred to as the “Victory Ribbon”. The WW2 Victory Medal was established in July of 1945. The medal was designed by Thomas Jones and approved by the Secretary of War in February of 1946. Therefore, it did not transition from a ribbon to a full medal until after WW2 had ended. The WW2 US Victory medal is Bronze based medal, the obverse with a figure of Liberation standing with head turned looking to the dawn of a new day, right foot resting on a war god’s helmet with the hilt of a broken sword in the right hand and the broken blade in the left hand, the inscription “WORLD WAR II” placed below the center. On the reverse are inscriptions: “FREEDOM FROM FEAR AND WANT” and “FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND RELIGION” which is encircle by the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1941 1945”.


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