WW1 Italy Victory Medal . WM463


WW1 Italy Victory Medal. A lot of heavy wear to ribbon with what looks like someone did several stitches through the ribbon as well. The medal was designed by Gaetano Orsolini. According to government decree, the medal was to be struck from the bronze of captured enemy cannons, however, it is uncertain that this actually happened. Unlike other medals with a ring, the ribbon fits through a slot attached above the medal rim. This is traditional with Italian medals. The front depicts winged Victory on a triumphal chariot drawn by four lions (a four-horse chariot pulling Italia was a symbol of the Italian empire). The reverse depicts a sacred tripod (an ancient Roman symbol) from which fly 2 doves. Around the upper rim is the text: “GRANDE GVERRA PER LA CIVILITA” (The Great War for Civilization), and to either side the war years in Roman numerals (1914-1918). At the bottom it reads: “AL COMBATIENTI DELLA NAZIONE ALLEATE ED ASSOCIATE” (To the combatants of the allied and associated countries). Worn condition.


Additional Notes: The Victory Medal (also called the Inter-Allied Victory Medal) is a WW1 campaign medal. The award of a common allied campaign medal was recommended by an inter-allied committee in March of 1919. Each allied nation would design a ‘Victory Medal’ for award to their own nationals, all issues having certain common features, including a winged figure of victory on the obverse and the same ribbon. 14 countries finally awarded the medal.


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