US Senior Air Crew Shirt Wings V-21 . W260


United States Air Force (USAF) Senior Air Crew Shirt Wings. Clutch back. 2-inch shirt sized uniform wings. Marker marked on back V-21. Single Letter, Double Digit Number codes such as V-21 (Vanguard) were made after 1965 until about 1978. Worn condition.


ADDITIONAL NOTES: U.S. Wings are most often found in 3 basic sizes. The 2 3/4 inch to 3 inch length wings are typically worn on Uniforms, Tunics, and Jackets and usually referenced as full-sized wings. The 2 inch wings were typically worn on shirts and the 1 inch wings were used on garrison or side caps. Also, the smaller sized wings were sometimes used by GIs as gifts to girlfriends or wives as sweetheart type items.


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