US 75th Infantry Division Patch – WW2 . USP523


United States 75th Infantry Division shoulder sleeve insignia (patch). The patch is fully embroidered with a snowy back. Worn condition. Most likely 1940s (WW2) era. The patch does not react to UV light (does not glow under blacklight).


Additional Notes: The U.S. 75th Infantry Division patch was approved in February of 1943, two months before the Division was activated at Ft Leonard Wood in April of 1943. Unofficially nicknamed “Diaper Division” because it was the most recently organized division in the Army at the time, the 75th Infantry was hurried to the front just before Christmas of 1945 in response to the German Ardennes offensive and was attached to the XVIII Airborne Corps several days later. Relieving the 82nd Airborne Division from the line it was holding on the Salm River in January of 1945, the Division went on the offensive in January of 1945 and crossed the Rhine into Germany in March of 1945. The Division eventually was credited with participation in three campaigns: Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace, and Central Europe.


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