US Army Senior Parachutist Badge Cloth Insignia . USP1284


United States Army Senior Parachutist Badge (Jump Wings). Cloth Insignia appears to be uniform removed. Most likely 1960s-1970s era. Size approximately 1 1/2 inches across. Worn condition.


Additional Notes: The U.S. Army Parachutist Badge is awarded to all military personnel of any service who complete the U.S. Army Basic Airborne Course at Fort Benning, Georgia. It signifies that the soldier is a trained military parachutist and is qualified to participate in airborne operations. The badge and it’s sew-on equivalent may be worn on the Army Combat Uniform.

The first Army Parachutist Badge was designed in 1941 by Captain William Yarborough and approved by the Department of War in March of 1941. The Parachutist Badge replaced the “Parachutist Patch” which had previously been worn as a large patch on the side of a paratrooper’s garrison cap.


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