US 11th Airborne Patch – WW2-Korea . USP1089


United States 11th Airborne Division shoulder sleeve insignia (patch). Once piece with attached tab. Appears to be uniform removed. The patch is fully embroidered with a snowy back. Most likely 1940s-1950s (WW2-Korea) era. Worn condition. The patch does not react to UV light (does not glow under blacklight).


Additional Notes: The U.S. 11th Airborne Division “Arctic Angels” is a U.S. Army airborne formation, first activated in February of 1943, during WW2. Consisting of one parachute and two glider infantry regiments, with supporting troops. It played a vital role in the successful Knollwood Maneuver, which was organized to determine the viability of large-scale American airborne formations after their utility had been called into question following a disappointing performance during the Allied invasion of Sicily.


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