USAF Utility Shirt OG-107 . UA1231


United States Air Force (USAF) Utility Shirt. OG-107. Third model. US Air Force cloth tape above one pocket and name cloth tape above other pocket. Tactical Air Command Patch also on one front pocket. USAF Senior Airman (SrA) sleeve rank insignia on each sleeve. Contract tag in interior marked: Shirt, Man’s, Cotton, Sateen, Olive Green, Shade 107, DSA-1-8350 (which should date this to about mid 1960s). Vietnam era. No size tag that I could find. Worn condition.


Additional Notes: The U.S. OG-107 was the basic work utility uniform (fatigues) of all branches of the United States Armed Forces from 1952 until its discontinuation in 1989. The designation came from the U.S. Army’s coloring code “Olive Green 107” and “Olive Green 507”, which were shades of dark green, the OG-107 being cotton and OG-507 polyester-cotton blend introduced in the early 1970s. Regardless of the fabric, the two shades were almost identical. All versions of the OG-107 shared several basic design features. The OG-107 was made out of cotton sateen. The shirt could be tucked in or worn outside the trousers depending on the preference of the local commander. If sufficiently hot and humid, troops could be permitted to roll up the sleeves and unblouse the trousers. The OG-107 consisted of a button front and two simple pockets on the upper chest that closed by means of a buttoned flap.


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