US ERDL Camo Combat Jacket – Sm-Long 70 . UA1221


United States Army Slant Pocket Combat Tropical Jacket. Jungle Fatigues. ERDL Camouflage. Third pattern, Type III, Class 2. Contract Tag on interior is marked: Coat, Man’s, Camouflage Cotton, Wind Resistant Rip-Stop Poplin, Class 2, and contract dated 70. Size tag marked Small Long and is named above the tag. Vietnam era jacket. Worn condition with small snag/hole near lower portion.


Additional Notes: The ERDL (Engineer Research & Development Laboratories) pattern is also sometimes referred to as the Leaf pattern. This camouflage pattern was developed by the U.S. Army at it’s ERD (Engineering Research & Development) Labs and was utilized during the Vietnam war typically during the period of 1967-1972.

There were 3 basic patterns or types of Tropical Combat Uniforms (Jungle Fatigues) used in Vietnam with the third style being divided into subcategories (Class I and Class II).

Third pattern, Type III: The Third Pattern fatigues which were introduced in late 1966 and early 1967 were a simplified version of the second pattern. The jacket lost its side take up tabs, gas flap, and shoulder epaulettes. This pattern was issued in two classes: Class I was OG-107 or Olive Green and Class II was ERDL Camouflage in either green dominant or brown dominant.


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