US Navy N-4 Field Jacket . UA1209


United States Navy N-4 Field Jacket sometimes referred to as a “N-4 Navy Deck Jacket”. Has all the front buttons. Zipper in decent condition. No size or maker label that I could find. 1940s-1950s (late ww2-Korea) era. Very worn condition with some old repairs, staining, fraying, and moth nips to interior lining.


Additional Notes: The United States Navy made their own version of the Army M-1941 field jacket for use when the pile lined N1’s were too heavy. These were worn both on and off ship.  Although similar to the M-1941 field jacket, the US Navy N-4 was simpler, with no epaulets or bi-swing back. The shell is a tightly woven olive drab no. 7 poplin, with a flannel lining. A brass zipper was used as the closure. Primarily designed for units that would be operating on shore, such as beach battalions and units like the ‘Seabees’, hence it’s army-type OD shade of green.


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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 in

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