US M1860 Staff Field Officer Sword (Painted Silver/Chromed) . SU95


U.S. Model 1860 Staff and Field Officer sword. The entire sword is painted silver or chromed (maybe for GAR or parade use later on). The clam shell guards with nice eagle patriotic scene. Blade length approximately 30 inches. Approximately 36 inches in overall length. Most likely a post 1872 version that was later painted/chromed for parade type use.


Additional Notes: Typically, the Model 1860 (M-1860) Staff and Field Officer’s sword was more a badge of rank than a weapon.  In 1872 the M-1860 sword was expanded  for use by all Army officers except medical officers, paymasters, and mounted officers.  The Model 1860 Staff and Field officer sword was eventually replaced by the Model 1902 Officers Saber.


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Weight 60 oz
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in

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