US M-1902 Army Officer Sword – M.C. Lilley . SU68


U.S. Model 1902 Army Officer Sword. Has a leather sword knot tied to handle. Also, grip is chromed instead of the typical black composition grip. Marker marked on blade ricasso The M.C. Lilley Co Columbus, O. Blade double engraved (engraved on both sides of blade). Blade approximately 30 inches in length and about 36 inches overall. I believe this sword is approximately 1910-1920s (Pre-WW1 to WW1) era (due to the particular The MC Lilley & Co marker mark used form 1882-1925).

Additional Notes: The U.S. M-1902 “Army” sword is the first major change from combat to dress style swords. It was intended to replace the Model 1872 Cavalry Officer’s Saber. The M-1902 sword is a basic sword and can be considered as a type of Light Cavalry Saber.  Also, the M-1902 sword is similar to European patterns of the time. It has a nickel-plated iron hilt and black composition grip, early specimens are sometimes found with a dark-brown wood grip. The U.S. Army Officer’s M-1902 sword was adopted in July of 1902 by the Army for all officers’ and is still the current regulation sword for Army and Air Force officers.


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