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WW2 German Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler photo album, ca. 1933-1935. LSSAH photo album (original, unpublished, private pics from 1934-1935). Exceptionally Rare. Feedback from a well known expert that it is the best he has ever seen and back in 2007 he valued it at $10,000. There is about 130 photos, all SS (no boring family or scenic). At least a dozen good pictures of Hitler, plus many of Goebbles, Goring, Sepp Dietrich, and other notables. It even has some pics of SS men wearing the very rare SS beret cap. We have watermarked all the photo images and we please ask that these are not re-utilized.

Page 1): “Recruit training.” (A very rare photo of LSSAH recruits wearing the Krätzchen cap, probably taken at the SS training field at Zossen during 1933. The separate SS units were formed into the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler in November 1933.)
Identified SS recruits who signed Page 1 include: Borderichy, Burmeister, Frederick, Laumberg, Mehling, Truis, Waiser, Wirtz, Wulfer.
Page 2): “1 May 1934” Adolf Hitler May Day speech at Tempelhof Air Field in Berlin. Captions: “On the way to the podium” (Joseph Goebbels, Julius Schreck), “The Fuhrer speaks,” “Formation flying.”
Page 3): “1 May 1934,” “After the speech” (Julius Schaub, Goebbels, Franz von Papen, Wilhelm Bruckner, Schreck). Also seen are Franz Seldte, Baulder von Schirach, and Hermann Goering with Ernst Udet.
Page 4): “1 May 1934,” “Goebbels speaks,” “The Fuhrer speaks.” (Note Berlin’s Deutschland Erwache banner.)
Many of the following photos in this album were taken at the Lichterfelde Barracks in Berlin. This historic training base was the home of the SS Leibstandarte from 1933 to 1945.
Page 5): “Inspection of the Standarte by our Fuhrer,” “Advance past Hitler and General von Blomberg.” (Sepp Dietrich is standing alongside Hitler and Blomberg. The SS soldiers are goose-stepping in formation.)
Page 6): “Presentation: Gruppenfuhrer Dietrich,” “Inspection” (Hitler/Blomberg), “After the parade.”
Page 7): “In front of the Flensberg lion,” “Hitler, Blomberg, Wagner,” “the appreciative Fuhrer,” “birds-eye view.”
Page 8): “Our Hermann arrives” (Goring giving fascist salute), “1st Company,” “Hermann,” “on the main Platz.”
Page 9): “Machine gun company inspection.” (Hitler inspects his bodyguard unit on the parade gounds.)
Page 10): “With the Fuhrer in Berchtesgaden.” (These photos were taken at an important somebody’s home near the Berghof, perhaps Rudolph Hess). “Construction boss Schmidt” (with Hitler), “Conference outdoors” (Hitler and various civilians), “Adolf wakes up” (Hitler was known for his sweet tooth!), “In front of the house” (Rudolph Hess, 2nd from right).
Page 11): “Before the walk” (Hitler with the Berchtesgaden homeowner’s son), “Discussion” (Hitler lecturing).
Page 12): “Hermann talking” (informal photo of Goring having lunch outdoors), “the main barracks” (Hitler with Army General at the Lichterfelde Barracks), “the main barracks” (Hitler among civilians).
Page 13): “A happy moment one the Day of National Mourning” (a very interesting photo of Hitler in formal clothes being saluted by a child in SA uniform. Sepp Dietrich and the people watching are smiling).
Page 14): “Driving company” (Hitler inspects the Leibstandarte’s transport trucks), “In front of the Adolf Hitler House” (Hitler, Blomberg, Sepp Dietrich, “the Reichstag” (a political nickname for Joseph Goebbels), “in our recreation room” (SS soldiers off-duty),
Page 15): “Gruppenfuhrer Dietrich, Schreck” (with Hitler in his car), “Schreck” (nice pic of Hitler’s chauffeur, who died in 1936), “After the inspection” (Hitler, Dietrich, other high-level leaders of SS and Army).
Page 16): “Before the meal,” “in the barracks” (pics of SS men in fatigues, wearing the rare Krätzchen cap).
Page 17): “Rest break from shooting,” “gun cleaning” (SS training).
Page 18): “Appeal of the Upper Section East by the Reichsfuhrer SS and Gruppenfuhrer Dietrich” (excellent uniform photo of high ranking SS. A nighttime SS ceremony, possibly led by Heinrich Himmler).
Page 19): “Boot toast,” “outdoor sports” (SS soldiers during their free time).
The next four photos were taken at the September 1934 Reichsparteitag, Nuremberg:
Page 20): “Luitpoldhain” (photo taken alongside the speaker’s podium), “Zeppelinweise” (view towards the main stage), “Rush to the ranks” (Goebbels and other high leaders), “grandstand!” (a play on words, SS men off-duty sunning themselves at the Luitpoldhain soldier’s barracks).
The four photos on page 21 were taken in Munich, probably the ceremonies of November 9, 1934:
Page 21): “Lots of fun” (SS men on leave flirting with a young woman), “feeding pigeons,” “Feldherrnhalle,” “Leibstandarte” (Group photo of SS men in dress uniform).
Page 22): “Making the movie: The Old and the Young King” [“Der alte und der junge König” was filmed in Potsdam during 1934 and released in 1935. SS troops of the Leibstandarte were costumed in the role of 18th Century soldiers.] “In Hall 2” (leading actor Emil Jannings in the lower left corner), “House Leausen” (Jannings in lower left as King Wilhelm I), “Der Leibstandarte cast” (about 20 SS men in period soldier’s costumes),
Page 23): Two photos taken during the filming of the movie.
The following 12 photos (pages 24-29) were taken during Germany’s reunion with the Saar territory in March 1935.The owner of this photo album is the tall SS man seen in most of the photos.
Page 24): “weapon cleaning,” “bed construction” (SS barracks), “Saarbrucken 1 March 1935” (SS troops participating in the military reoccupation of the Saar), “Field kitchen of the Leibstandarte!”
Page 25): “the Company leaders are waiting at the Anelle!” (SS officers in full dress uniforms wearing swords), “in the double-row” (SS men in field uniform with packs and rifles—the owner of the album in the front row).
Page 26): “in the barracks uniform,” “city leave” (Saarbrucken, beautiful SS uniform photo)
Page 27): “a funny moment” (perhaps the SS man’s date?), “Street scene” (the city of Saarbrucken is draped in flags for the festive reunification with the Reich).
Page 28): “on the Saar Bridge” (perhaps he’s with his girlfriend and mom?)
Page 29): “Farewell from the appendages” (a comic reference to the fact that the SS men deployed in Saarbrucken were very popular with the local girls!), “Our Obergruppenfuhrer” (Sepp Dietrich after being promoted), “1 May 1935” (May Day celebration at the Templehof airfield in Berlin. Hitler delivered a speech from the podium seen beneath the large flags. Note the decals on the SS M1918 helmets.)
Page 30): “The movie studio filming Amphitryon” (this German film was made in the Babelsberg Studio, Berlin, during February-May 1935. As with the earlier movie—see page 22– SS men from the Leibstandarte were cast as extras; only this time they were dressed as Greek soldiers from ancient times).
Page 31): “A dance scene” (Amphitryon was a musical), “Old and new” (a mix of uniformed SS men and actors dressed as ancient Greek peasants); “Greek German” (a beautiful young actress in costume).
The following photos are uncaptioned, and were probably taken during early 1935:
Page 31): Leibstandarte SS men on military maneuvers.
Page 32): SS men in their Lichterfelde barracks, in the field, guard duty (excellent uniform pics).
Page 33): SS men in the Lichterfelde garrison; SS marching in review and guard duty.
Page 34): Five photos of the formal rooms inside the Lichterfelde Barracks main building. They include the famous painting “Nun danket alle Gott,” (“Now all thank God”) by Georg Marschall. Also included is a loose photo of two uniformed SS men inside one of the formal rooms. The reverse is stamped “Lichterfelde.”
Page 35): Two candid photos of Hitler in his private automobile with Sepp Dietrich and Julius Schreck– excellent photos with Sepp Dietrich, and Wehrmacht commander Gfm. Von Blomberg. Photo of the Lichterfelde parade grounds during winter.
Pages 36—37): Eight historic photos of the 1 March 1935 military parade celebrating the Saarland reunion into the German Reich. Hitler reviews various troop formations in front of the Saarbrucken town hall: Leibstandarte SS, SA, and Kriegsmarine.
Page 38): Nighttime celebrations to commemorate the 1 May 1935 reunion of the Saarland. The city is decoratively lit for the occasion; including the Saarbrucke and town hall. Three historical photos of the torchlight parade past Hitler’s reviewing stand, with lots of pageantry.


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