Imperial Japanese Court Style Army Sword . SJ316


Imperial Japanese Court Style Army Sword. Type 19 court sword with the obverse guard showing the sun rays with the “V” shaped ends. The sword pommel has the dragonfly design (which identifies this as army sword, only army swords have the dragonfly pommel). The buffalo horn grip is in good condition, however, there is no wire wrap on grip. Company grade type design bands above and below the grip. The folding clam shell guard appears to be missing/broken the spring locking mechanism and does not lock in place. The blade has a lot of wear, graying, and spotting. The metal scabbard is in average condition. This sword designed was utilized from 1886 to 1938. Blade length approximately 20 1/4 inches, overall length approximately 27 1/2 inches. Overall, very worn condition.


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