Japanese Tanto w/Kodzuka and Wari-Kogi – Signed . SJ300


Japanese Tanto with small Kodzuka side knife and Wari-Kogi (Waribashi or Chopsticks).  Circa 1750-1820. The Kodzuka blade is also signed. Blade is in very nice overall condition and has a one piece habaki (blade collar) with basic rain type design. Good Hamon (temper line) on blade. Two hole nakago (tang) that is signed Taoa-mitsu Saky Yushi. Tsuka (handle) in nice condition with brass twist in peg holding on tsuka. Lacquered saya (wooden scabbard) has repaired Kurikata (wood nob area where the cord would tie on to the saya). Bare blade approximately 12 inches in length overall including tang. Blade approximately 8 inches from end of habaki. Overall a very nice Tanto that has also been used as cover art for a novel.


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