Japanese Wakizashi, Signed, Copper fittings . SJ285


Japanese Wakizashi. Double signed (signed on each side) single hole nakago (tang). Missing Fuchi fitting at opening end of tsuka (hilt/handle), however, still has nice copper kashira (end cap). Damaged lacquered saya (wooden scabbard) with screws attaching the one loop mount (that is typically broken off or damaged) and with a damage near opening of saya (cracks and missing portion), however, has nice copper end fitting to saya. I believe to be Edo period blade and fittings. Tsuka with wrap still in decent shape, ray skin cover wood core with nice pair of copper menuki with kanji on each one. Nice one piece habaki (blade collar). Small copper tsuba with two seppa (spacers). Blade in average condition, actually, nice condition for age, with some wear and surface graying. Blade has ridge line on one side and flat on other side of blade. Blade length 17 1/4 inches (18 1/4 inches counting the 1 inch habaki). Overall, a decent example wakizashi that could leave as is or restore. Wakizashi blades are typically between 12 inches to 24 inches or (30-60cm) or (between 1 and 2 shaku).


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