REPRODUCTION: D-Day Lebel Fighting knife . Repo141

Reproduction: I believe this is a reproductions of the emergency issue cruciform bladed fighting knives used by Free French and other Allied troops during 1944 Originally using a 7 inch blade section from a French 1886 Lebel bayonet mounted on an all steel knurled no-slip hilt. Issued in a slightly modified British No.4 spike bayonet scabbard the originals of this model are hard to find. A cool piece of reproduction WW2 Invasion equipment, new made D-Day Lebel Fighting knife. Some believe this is New Old Stock (NOS) from surplus stores back in 1970s, however, I feel this is probably newer made reproduction and selling as such.


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Additional information

Weight20 oz
Dimensions12 × 1 × 1 in

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