Japanese 1931-34 Manchurian Incident War Medal Cased . NNJ263


Japanese 1931-34 Manchurian Incident War Medal in case. Medal has the original ribbon with hook and eye attachment. On the bar is written “Military Medal of Honor” reading from right to left. Medal is in hard-shelled box of issue with recessed portion for the medal and golden kanji on top of case. Worn and used condition.


Additional Notes: The Japanese 1931-1934 Incident War Medal (Manchurian Incident) (also known as “Showa 6-9 years Incident Military Medal of Honor”) was enacted in July of 1934 and was awarded to soldiers that took part in the Manchurian Incident.  The ribbon is decorated with the shade vine of Seocho, which appears in “Kojiki”, to express the honor of the incident. The crimson color means the intense loyalty, the red sincerity of the Yamato people and the Japanese flag and the yellow color means the birth (of the Nation) of Manchuria.


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