WW2 German Group of Sammelwerk cards for Album (Nr.15) . GD980


WW2 German Group of Sammelwerk cards for an Album, small groups of cards, not a complete set, a variety of images. These particular cards appear to be for the Album book Nr. 15 “Adolf Hitler”. This book was Nr. 15 of a set of “cigarette card” album books. Worn condition cards.


Additional Notes: The WW2 German Sammelwerk cards were a type of “cigarette card” issued between 1933 and 1939 in Germany. Not all came in cigarette packs (although some others did), some were purchased in sets. Each card had a German caption on the back, as well as the group and image number. These collectible cards were issued in thematic groups. Each image was numbered so that collectors could arrange and store them in special albums made for the cards.


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