WW2 French Postcard – Liberation de Paris 7 . GD908


WW2 French Military Black and White Photograph Postcard. Military scene on front of postcard. Back of postcard is marked: Liberation de Paris, 7 – Le General de Gaulle devant la dalle sacree du Soldat Inconnu. General de Gaulle before the Sacred Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. (Photo-Presse.Liberation) 44 (1944). Blank postcard that is not filled out or mailed. Size approximately 5 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches. Worn condition postcard.


Additional Notes: After 4 years of German occupation during WW2, the Liberation of Paris took place after a long struggle and in August of 1944 the Germans surrendered. This is from a series of postcards that each displayed a scene showing important historical documentation of the liberation or also known as The Battle of Paris.


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