American Vintage 48 Star Flag in Box . FLU6146xbw


American Vintage 48 Star Flag in box. The cardboard box has the words: “Flag of the United States” on the top lid of the box. Also, printed on side of box is U.S. Flag 3 X 5. Printed stars portion is attached and sewn to the stripes section. The size of the flag actually measures approximately 33 inches x 57 inches. The 48 star flag was utilized from 1912 to 1949, this flag appears to be cotton construction which was typically utilized on ww2 era flags. Flag is well used and worn with some aging and staining from use.


Additional Notes: The American 48 star flag was flown from July 1912 to July 1949. In 1912, 2 stars were added to the 46 star flag, with the added stars representing the states of Arizona and New Mexico, bringing the total number of stars to 48. The stars are arranged in six rows of eight stars each. There were thirteen stripes representing the thirteen original colonies.

A general guide in American Flag construction materials is that cotton flags were issued during WW2 and nylon flags were issued during the Korean War. Earlier flags then WW2 were typically made of a wool blend.


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