US Camp Jackson Columbia SC Postcard . FLU382


US Camp Jackson Columbia SC Postcard. Size approximately 5 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches. Most likely 1940s-1960s era. Worn condition.


Additional Notes: Fort Jackson was created in 1917 at Camp Jackson as the U.S. entered WW1. At the conclusion of World War I, Camp Jackson was shut down and the Camp was abandoned in April of 1922. Camp Jackson was reactivated for WW2, where Franklin D. Roosevelt and George C. Marshall hosted a demonstration of the combat-readiness of several divisions for Winston Churchill and Alan Brooke in preparation of the abandoned Operation Roundup. At the conclusion of WW2, the post was to have been deactivated by 1950; however, the outbreak of the Korean War caused the post to remain active and it is still functioning in the early 21st Century.


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