US Army Single ID Tag – T-41-45-51 . FLU3486


U.S. Army Single Id Tag “Dog Tag” on the small portion of ball chain only. The face of the id tag includes the individual’s name, service number (RA6777543), the tetanus vaccination letter “T” with the dates of vaccination of T-41-45-51. the blood type “O”, religion preference of P (Protestant). Notched dog tags (typically used on WW2 and Korea era tags). Worn condition.

Note: Service number with RA prefix is for Regular Army enlisted personnel.


Additional Notes: Notched id tags (dog tags) were standard issue until December of 1964. The Department of Defense (DoD) officially switched to dog tags without notches in early 1965. However, military bases with older notched-style tags in inventory still issued them for a while from 1965 up until 1966.


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