USAF 81st TFW Custom Ceramic Tray 1969 . FLU3368


U.S. Air Force 81st TFW (Tactical Fighter Wing) Custom Blue Ceramic Tray (appears to may be Porcelain type clay material). Signed and dated on underneath of tray Bentwaters 1969 (Vietnam era). Size approximately 13 inches X 12 inches.

Additional Notes:  In July of 1958 Bentwaters was operated as “twin base” with RAF Woodbridge and as a single unit under the newly-designated 81st Tactical Fighter Wing. Along with the 91st and 92d squadrons, the 78th Tactical Fighter Squadron was transferred from RAF Shepherds Grove when the USAF returned Shepherds Grove to the Ministry of Defense. The 78th TFS operated from Woodbrige, while the 91st and 92d squadrons operated from Bentwaters. Beginning in the fall of 1958, the 81st TFW was reequipped with the McDonnell F-101A/C “Voodoo”. The F-101 was configured as a fighter bomber, intended to carry a single nuclear weapon for use against battlefield targets such as airfields. The Voodos were equipped with Low Angle Drogued Delivery (LADD) and Low Altitude Bombing System (LABS) equipment for its primary mission of delivering nuclear weapons at extremely low altitudes. Pilots were trained for one-way missions into Soviet territory to increase effective range at some cost in negating pilot recovery. In November 1965, the 81st received McDonnell F-4 “Phantom II”s to replace the Voodoos. Initially receiving the F-4C this was later upgraded to the more capable F-4D during late 1972 and 1973. About 1970, two-letter Tail Codes were used initially for squadron identification.


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