WW2 US Army Canteen Cover . FLU3119


U.S. WW2 Canteen Cover. Cover only. Stained and heavily worn condition.

Additional Notes: U.S. WW2 Canteen cover stitching front’s typically had seven vertical rows of stitching, except for some examples made in England (1943-45) which had four vertical rows of stitching. The back of the covers generally lacked any stitching, except some USMC carriers that had many parallel vertical stitch rows. Canteen cover seams ranged from rear seam, initially partial rear seam then superseded by a full rear seam that ran from top to bottom. Finally, in 1942, the covers utilized a side seam on the cover. Also, though not originally issued for the purpose, canteen covers were sometimes used by the troops as general carriers for such things as ammo, grenades, rations or other general items.


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