WW2 German Pony Fur Backpack RZM L3/130/36 . EFL1861


WW2 German Pony Fur M34 Tornister Backpack. Canvas base material with leather straps and buckles. The front, back, and sides are covered with brown pony fur material that has a bit of wear. The leather upper portion to the rear of the backpack is stamped with the marker and date mark of RZM L3/130/36. Size approximately 13 inches x 11 inches. Worn condition.


Additional Notes: The German army issued two main types of tornister backpacks. The M34 and the M39. The M34 tornister backpack came with detachable and adjustable integrated carrying straps. The bottom of the tornister was a small strap with a flat metal hook (also detachable and adjustable), for securing the tornister to the soldier’s belt.

The M39 tornister was a more versatile equipment type, which could be used in different variations, and would allow the transport of more equipment. One of the major differences on a M39 versus M34 tornister, is that the M39 has a leather strap with stud-button mounted on the lower parts of the outside lid of the tornister which was utilized to secure an A-frame to the tornister. Also, the carrying straps were replaced with hooks for attaching to the Y-straps instead.


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