US M5A1 Bayonet Milpar Col . DWU1064


United States Army M5A1 Bayonet. Stamped US M5A1 MILPAR COL under cross guard area. U.S. M8A1 PWH (Pennsylvania Working Home for the Blind, later renamed, “The Working Blind in Philadelphia, Pa.”) scabbard. Nice condition blade. Worn condition overall.


Additional Notes: The U.S. M5 bayonet has a 6 3/4 inch blade, and overall length is 11 1/2 inches. The blade has one side sharpened for its full length and three inches of the other side are sharpened. There is a large push button release on one side. The M5 fits only the M1 and does not interchange with any other firearms. There were three different patterns made: M5, M5-1, and M5A1. The grips are checkered black molded plastic and all metal parts are a dark gray parkerized finish. There are no markings on the blade. The manufacturer name or initials and “US M5” (or other model) will be found stamped under the cross guard. Many M5 family of bayonets were made in Korea after the Korean War and these will have “K” stamped in place of the “US”. Manufacturers included Aerial Cutlery, Jones & Dickinson Tool, Imperial Knife, Utica Cutlery, and Columbus Milpar & Mfg. The M5A1 was manufactured during the 1960s and was the last bayonet made for the M1 Garand.


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