US Army M4 Bayonet – Imperial . DWU1050


United States Army M4 Bayonet. Marker marked on cross guard U.S. M4 Imperial and the ordnance “bomb” mark.  Blade has a lot of wear and appears to be sharpened quite a bit and looks to be slightly short as well at tip area (re-tipped). Decent condition stacked leather handle. USM8A1 PWH marked scabbard. Most likley 1940s-1960s era. Overall, very heavily worn condition.


Additional Notes: The U.S. M4 Bayonet-Knife was adopted in 1944 for use with the caliber .30 M1 Carbine. Patterned after the M3 Combat Knife, some early examples of M4 bayonets actually used M3 blades. The basic M4 bayonet design became the basis for subsequent U.S. M5, M5A1, M6, and M7 bayonets.


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