American Quality Reproduction Bowie Knife by Master Bladesmith Tommy Goff . DWU1007


American High Quality Reproduction Bowie Knife work of a well-established craftsman, master bladesmith Tommy Goff. This attractive belt knife is a classic American Bowie Knife.  Heavy 7/16 of an inch thick back and 1 15/16 inch wide at the hilt and 10 1/4 inch long. The blade has some  markings on the back yet remains in nice condition with no evidence of grinding or stoning with a nice nick free edge. Measuring 15 1/8 inches in overall length, the nicely shaped brass cross guard and furniture remain in good condition with a pleasing age coloration. The well fitted and shaped American walnut grip has a deep age crack on one side offering good age yet remaining solid without detracting from the charm of this knife.

Additional Notes: I have been told by experts in the American Bowie Knife that this is a high quality reproduction of a 19th century knife made about 25 years ago by master bladesmith Tommy Goff of Texarkana Tx. He passed away about 12 years back. His work was remarkable and is highly collectable. It is a shame someone has adjusted this knife by aging it.  The knife would bring much more to the discriminating collector of Tommy’s work if it had not been additionally aged.


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Weight 34 oz
Dimensions 16 × 4 × 2 in

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