SOLDgt WW2 German Army Dagger Eickhorn . D2100

WW2 German Army Officer Dagger. Blade is marker marked with the squirrel logo for Eickhorn Solingen (1935-1941 version of Eickhorn logo). Blade with some wear, graying, and in-and-out marks. Dagger fittings, eagle cross guard, and pommel, in decent condition with some chipping to the grip area. Scabbard is decent condition with a bit of wear and single screw still in place. It appears the top pommel will not screw off or tighten further easily, almost feels like someone put some type of putty type material inside to try to tighten. Dagger a bit loose and wiggles a bit. I left as is since this is the way I got it. Worn condition and potential project piece if you want to try to tighten up a bit, I left as is because I did not want to damage further and it looks decent the way it is.


See Additional Information for shipping dimensions. 

Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 4 in

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