WW2 German SA Dagger w/Hanger – Aesculap . D1097

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WW2 German SA Dagger with hanger. M1933 SA. Blade marker marked with the logo for AESCULAP TUTTLINGEN on one side and with acid etched “Alles für Deutschland” motto on other side of blade. Blade in overall decent condition with some wear and the typical in-and-out marks, also, appears to slight short, maybe retipped about 1/8 inch or less. Has gruppe “Sw” marking on back of cross guard fitting. Hardwood handle is also in decent condition; however, it does appear that it may have been re-lacquered a bit. Scabbard has an interesting and unusual decorative painting to the scabbard, looks to be done quite a while ago, I believe it was probably most likely done by the GI that was bringing home the dagger as a war trophy/souvenir. Scabbard ball with the typical ball dent at the bottom that you see quite often. Overall, an interesting SA Dagger with a bit of character and harder-to-find marker.


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