American Civil War M1860 Cavalry Saber Roby 1865 . CWS143


American M1860 Cavalry Saber dated 1865. Decent condition blade and scabbard with much wear, graying, and spotting. Worn condition wire wrapped leather grip. Marker marked on one side of the blade ricasso with the C. Roby W. CHELMSFORD MASS marker mark and marked U.S. 1865 A.G.M. on the other side of the blade ricasso. Blade length approximately 35 inches. Overall, approximately 42 inches in length in scabbard. Worn condition.


Additional Notes: The M1860 saber received its name to distinguish it from the larger and heavier M1840 Heavy Cavalry Saber that it replaced. By the end of the American Civil War over 300,000 1860 sabers had been produced: approximately 200,000 by Ames; approximately 32,000 by Roby, and many more by firms such as Tiffany and Co, Glaze, Justice, and Emerson and Silver. The M1860 sabers were carried not only by cavalry but also by many infantry and staff officers as the regulation M1850 Army Staff & Field Officers’ Sword had to be privately purchased.


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