Roman Silver Denarius Coin Trajan 98-117 AD . COIN499


Roman Silver Denarius Coin. Trajan 98-117 AD silver coin Mars Advancing. The reverse has Mars advancing right, holding spear and trophy over shoulder. The front (observe) has the wording: IMP TRAIANO OPTIMO AVG GER DAC P M TR P along the edge. Very heavily worn condition.


Additional Notes: The Denarius was the standard Roman silver coin from its introduction in the Second Punic War (circa  211 BC) to the reign of Gordian III (238–244 AD), when it was gradually replaced by the Antoninianus. It continued to be minted in very small quantities, likely for ceremonial purposes, until and through the Tetrarchy (293–313 AD). The word Denarius is derived from the Latin deni (containing ten), as its value was originally of 10 asses. The word for “money” descends from it in Italian (denaro), Slovene (denar), Portuguese (dinheiro), and Spanish (dinero). Its name also survives in the dinar currency.


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