SOLD US United Spanish War Veterans (USWV) Medal . YMU4762

U.S. United Spanish War Veterans (USWV) Medal. American Flag type ribbon. Eagle type top with pin back. Numbered on back of medal suspension bar “69455”. Worn condition.


Additional Notes:  The veterans of the Spanish-American War found themselves in a unique position, they were not deemed eligible for membership in the previous Grand Army of the Republic (GAR). In 1904, the National Army and Navy Spanish War Veterans, the National Association of Spanish American War Veterans and the National Encampment Service Men of the Spanish War merged to form the United Spanish War Veterans (USWV). The organization would later welcome veterans of the Philippine-American War as well as veterans of the Boxer Rebellion. The USWV medal is a bronze Greek cross with 3 figures in the center surrounded by a ring with the wording “Spanish War Veterans 1898 – 1902.” On each arm of the cross is the main theaters of the Spanish-American War Philippine Islands, Cuba, Porto Rico, and U.S.A. on the bottom. The medal is suspended from a bar depicting a rifle and saber crossed over a cannon and anchor with the scroll “United.” The reverse of the cross has the United States Shield with the world “United” superimposed, encircled by the insignia of the Cavalry, Artillery and the eighteen Infantry corps whose men served in the Spanish-American War.


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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × .5 in

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