WW2 German Knights Cross Attributed w/Provenance – Otto Schickle . GO6056cxdc


WW2 German Knights Cross of the Iron Cross Attributed to Luftwaffe Oberst von Rettburg and w/Provenance. Binder full of providence and letters between previous collector and Herr Von Rettburg. This Knights Cross was the one Von Rettburg wore the entire wartime period and was given to him by his unit, von Rettburg mostly flew as a Group Commander, with ME110 tail number 3U AC. The included ribbon was not with the Knights Cross originally, instead, came from the Knights Cross of LW General Walter von Hippel (which was from his family in German in the 1970s). Also, has a lot of other correspondence, photo copies, and other basic information. Three-piece Knight’s Cross with iron core center and silver outer frame, this is the unmarked example produced by Otto Schickle. This has the distinctive Otto Schickle flat ring which is part of the rim and a unique feature to this marker. This it the first type Schickle KC that is unmarked adn produced typically from beginning of 1940 until about mid 1941. The frame is unmarked and made out of silver plated Neusilber. The core is iron (and therefore magnetic), there is no marking on the loop for these particular crosses and the loop ends are a bit crude and not neatly finished on the 1st type crosses. Otto Schickle produced Knights Crosses are hard to find and would fall in the rare category of Knights Crosses considering the short time frame these were in production, and this one is attributed to a Luftwaffe Oberst. Overall, a great looking Knights Cross that is attributed and comes with a whole binder of provenance.


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