WW2 US 29th Infantry Division Patch . USP1244


United States 29th Infantry Division shoulder sleeve insignia (patch). The patch is fully embroidered with a snowy back. Worn condition. Most likely 1940s (WW2) era. The patch does not react to UV light (does not glow under blacklight).


Additional Notes: The 29th Infantry Division, under the command of Major General Leonard Gerow, was sent to England in October of 1942 and was based throughout England and Scotland, where it immediately began training for an invasion of northern Europe across the English Channel. D-Day of Operation Neptune, the cross-channel invasion of Normandy, finally came on 6 June 1944. The 29th Infantry Division sent the 116th Infantry to support the western flank of the veteran 1st Infantry Division’s 16th Infantry at Omaha Beach. Soldiers of the 29th Infantry Division boarded a large number of attack transports for the D-Day invasion, among them landing craft, landing ship, tank, and other vessels.


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