US Navy M41 Deck Jacket (broken zipper) . UA719


U.S. Navy M41 sometimes referred to as a “Navy Deck Jacket”. Exterior in average worn and used condition. U.S.N. Stenciled on front. Looks like someone used for painting, some scattered white paint splatters. Has all the front buttons. No size or maker label left. Zipper is broken and stuck (needs new zipper). Size appears to be about 2 inches longer in overall and sleeve length then my 36 sized deck jacket, so I am guessing this is about a size 38 or 40 jacket. Basically, if you replace or repair the zipper you have a nice US Navy deck jacket. I believe this style was utilized from WW2 through Vietnam, however, cannot properly date without marker tag.


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Weight 46 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 in

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