SOLD US Navy Jumper Pants WW2 – Named . UA1190

United States WW2 Navy Jumper Pants. This is the pants for use with the ww2 Navy Jumper (pants only). WW2 era with Manufactured by Naval Clothing Factory tag with numbering. Named on interior in the white paint type stenciling marks seen on navy uniforms. Waist appears to be about 14 inches across (about 28 inch waist). Worn and used condition with some of the plastic buttons missing and/or damaged.


Additional Notes: Like the US Navy jumper, the WW2 US Navy dark blue trousers retained most of its traditional design features from the past and as a result had a very distinctive appearance in a time when uniform modernization was considered a priority. The same dark blue Melton wool was used for the trousers as it was for the jumper. A broadfall front opening and bellbottom legs were most prominent among a number of interesting features that these trousers possessed. There was a two-button waistband closure with the bottom button doubling as the top, center button for the 13-button broadfall front. On each side of the front waistband there was a 4-inch slit pocket with the left pocket having a zipper closing.


See Additional Information for shipping dimensions.




Additional information

Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 3 in

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