US Flight Jacket L-2B 1973 – Large . UA1042


U.S. Flight Jacket L-2B (Light Zone). Jacket has the orange interior (reversible for emergencies). Size marked Large. Contact tag dated 1973 (Late Vietnam era). Two Velcro strips on front for name strip and branch strip. Shoulder sleeve insignias (military patch) on each sleeve. Several moth nips and much wear on the knit elastic sleeve ends, neck, and waist bands. Used and worn condition.

Additional Notes: The L-2B flight jacket replaced the L-2A jacket. The flight jacket was issued to US Air Force and Navy pilots and ground crews for use in light-temperature zones. It was later replaced by the CWU 36/P. The L-2B has knit cuffs, waistband and collar and the utility/pencil pocket.


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