WW2 German Luftwaffe Flak EM FliegerBluse . U562


WW2 German Luftwaffe Flak EM Fliegerbluse (Flight Blouse). Second pattern flight blouse with the two lower hip pockets. Uniform has a good set of Luftwaffe Flak Obergefreiter collar tabs, however, the gulls on one of the collar tabs look like they are coming loose on the tab (you can see the back prongs). Pair of Luftwaffe EM Flak slip-on straps. Luftwaffe tunic eagle in good condition. Tunic has Russian Front ribbon in button hole. Also, has the Luftwaffe Obergefreiter rank chevron on one sleeve with a Luftwaffe flak specialty insignia below the rank chevron. One button has come loose on the front (still have button, however, needs to be re-attached). Also, another button is there but cracked. You can also see a repair patch on the interior lower back of the tunic to fix a hole in the lower back section. Also, has the typical black ink stamp with RfNr # and size and date marks on interior that is not too faded. A lot of scattered moth nips and holes. A very heavily worn and used Luftwaffe flak tunic.


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