WW2 German M36 Army Field Tunic . U560


WW2 German M36 Army NCO Field Blouse (Feldbluse). Set of NCO Oberfeldwebel’s shoulder straps with what looks like possibly no waffenfarbe piping (or dark-green piping, basically, same looking color as the dark-green center of straps. Pair of EM/NCO collar tabs with blue-green center stripe and what looks like possibly dark-blue branch of service stripes. Nice looking NCO/Officer flat-wire tunic eagle above one pocket, you do see stitching coming through for top edge of eagle on back side (interior) of tunic so eagle stitching either repaired or eagle possibly re-added.. Mountain troop sleeve edelweiss on one sleeve with NCO medical personnel’s trade cloth badge on lower section of the same sleeve. Five button front closure. Belt loops still present on front and back of tunic. Size and issue marking on interior that is still readable. Several scattered moth nips and wear. Overall displays decently.


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