US Knights of Columbus Fraternal Lodge Sword . SU47


U.S. Knights of Columbus (K of C) Fraternal Masonic Lodge Ceremonial Sword. Engraved blade with “Knights of Columbus” engraved on blade. Heavy wear to scabbard. Most likely 1930s-1960s era. Overall very heavily worn and used condition.

Additional Notes: The Knights of Columbus sword is made for symbolic, decorative use, and was not for combat.  There have been various types of swords that were used at Knights of Columbus events dating back to the group’s founding in Connecticut in the 1880s, however, it was not until the “First Exemplification of the Fourth Degree” that was held in New York in 1900 which introduced “Patriotism” as a new principle of the Order, and is when it is believed that the more familiar black-handled sword tradition supposedly began. The earliest versions of the Knights of Columbus sword featured a flying eagle as the grip cap, however, by the 1930s the head of the Order’s patron, Christopher Columbus, took its place.


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