US Knights Templars Lodge Sword – CE Ward New-London . SU46


U.S. Knights Templar Masonic Lodge Ceremonial Sword. Marker marked appears to be C.E. Ward Co New-London. Double engraved blade with various scenes of the nights Templar and with skull and cross bones with words Memento Mori or “remember you must die.”, that serves as a reminder of death and mortality. Also, name engraved “George W.Smith” on panel on one side of blade engraving. The scabbard also has matching name engraved on it along with other Templar insignia. Handle has the initials “GWS” intertwined. Blade is approximately 28 inches in length. I believe this sword dates to early to mid 1900s era.


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Dimensions30 × 4 × 4 in

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