Imperial German Standard (Kaiser-Standarte) . SP128


Imperial German Standard (Kaiser-Standarte). This is a printed/painted flag and are quite hard to find. Still has rope with loop end and with metal loop on other side.  Size approximately 58 inches X 52 inches. Flag does have wear and fading, however, not too bad considering age and how hard it is to find these early standards.


Additional Notes: The Imperial Standard (Kaiser-Standarte) was a square golden flag with a big iron cross touching the edges of the flag and with inscriptions at each end GOTT-MIT-UNS-1870 (God with us). In each golden quarter there are three black eagles and one golden crown. In the middle a golden shield with a black eagle, over it a golden crown, all surrounded with the chain of the Order of Black Eagle. Utilized from 1871-1918 (Germany).


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