Japanese Katana Tegai School Style (1200s-1300s) . SJ80


Japanese Katana blade in wooden resting case. This resting case is still in very good condition, the blade is approximately 25 1/2 inches from end of habaki and 26 1/2 inches counting the 1 inch habaki. Overall entire bare blade counting tang is about 31 1/2 inches in length. The blade is bright and clean with a decent older polish. Two hole tang (nakago). Nice one piece habaki (blade collar). This sword is folded steel (fold lines visible) ancient handmade blade made on the Tegai School style, pre-Edo period, most likely sometime in either the 1200s or 1300s (Rai-kuni Toshi) signature on tang has been cut away. The blade does have some flaws, known as kizu in the blade, Fukure (pocket-/blister) and Ware (Split). These are from delamination of the folded steel, caused during the forging process. These are somewhat typical, and evidence of the blade being handmade. A good example of a blade that is most likely over 700 years old (great looking for age and you would expect to at least have some flaws. Not for the person looking for a flawless blade without any issues, this one does have some issues, however, looks unbelievable for age.

Additional Notes: Katana blades are typically greater than 23 5/8 inches (60 cm) (2 shaku).


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