WW2 Japanese Army Officer Sword – Signed . SJ323


WW2 Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) Officer Sword (Shin-gunto). The approximately 24 inch blade (about 25 inches counting the habaki) in very nice overall condition with nice wavy harmon (temper line). Approximately 35 inches overall length. One-hole nakago (tang) that is signed “Hatfori Masahiro”. The blade habaki (blade collar) is single piece basic brass type. The sword has the typical brass tsuba (hand guard) with a cut out on one side. The military-style hilt (tsuka) is the typical officer type, it is constructed of a wood base, covered in ray skin with the traditional 3 brass cherry blossoms, with brown wrap. This one does not have a push button lock, this is the type that had leather snap lock, however, the upper section with the leather snap is missing, however, blade does fit very nicely and snuggly in scabbard. The scabbard (saya) is the combat leather style and is in good overall condition and the blade fits nice and snugly into the scabbard. Overall, a very nice condition signed ww2 Army officer sword.


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