ON HOLD AB1021 – Japanese Katana Blade – Signed . SJ297


Japanese Katana. Single hole tang (nakago) is signed on each side of tang. The saya (wooden scabbard) is leather wrapped in in heavily worn condition. The tsuka (handle) is also leather wrapped wood and also heavily worn condition and just basically slides on top of tang, does not have a peg to hold onto tang (only slides on top of tang). One piece habaki (blade collar). Approximately 28 1/4 inch blade (from end of habaki, approximately 29 1/4 inches counting habaki) in overall basic condition with a lot of wear and graying. Overall length of bare blade is 38 1/2 inches. So, this is a fairly long blade Katana blades are typically greater than 23 5/8 inches (60 cm) (2 shaku).


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Weight75 oz
Dimensions41 × 4 × 4 in

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